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Mare Nostrum

Year: 2003
Out of stock
Price (CAN): $68.95
Item Number: 3289880002749
Manufacturer: Euro Games
  • 1 Game Board
  • 144 Cards in full color
  • 5 Sets of Plastic Game Tokens in different colors composed of:
  • 8 Dice
  • 5 Player Aid Sheets
  • 1 Quick-start Rule Sheet
  • 1 Rule Book

The Mediterranean basin is the battleground for many conflicts between great nations. As the head of one of these great nations, you use of all your means to establish uncontested domination of this great sea.

Each player represents a leader of one of five ancient civilizations (Babylon, Rome, Carthage, Egypt, Greece) trying to build Pyramids, other “Wonders of the World” and to draw Heroes to their ranks. These are the ways that truly great civilizations are measured. Players sail the Mediterranean Sea and explore its surrounding lands to find places to build cities and access to different resources (perfume, oil, gold, slaves, etc.). Players expand their civilizations by exploiting these finds. The commodities are used to build cities, wonders and pyramids, or to establish trade routes to the areas where the commodities are produced. Players may also conquer open provinces or even those that are controlled by their opponents. All of the wealth gained in the game is reinvested in construction and improvement of “Wonders” and the recruitment of “Heroes”.

The first player to build the Pyramids, or recruit 4 Heroes, or build 4 Wonders will be the glorious victor, and the leader of the greatest civilization in the World!


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