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Haspelknecht Board Game

Item Number: 8717953118554
Manufacturer: QUINED GAMES
Manufacturer Part No.: QUIHAS
In Haspelknecht, the players take upon the role of farmers with opportunities to exploit the presence of coal in their lands in the southern part of the Ruhr region. Coal was found here, nearly at the surface. It is set in the times where the lands were mostly flocked with forests and roads were rare.

The players will obtain knowledge, extend the farm and dig deeper in the ground to get more coal. The game has many ways that lead to victory.

Components: 1 Year wheel board
4 Player boards
3 Resource boards
20 Development tiles
4 Assist tiles
4 'Coal-miner & Haspelknecht' tiles
​ 16 Building tiles
4 Improved farmhands
24 Action markers
24 Debt chits
16 Thaler coins
​ 1 Year marker
36 Action disks
80 Coal cubes
34 Wood tokens
18 Food tokens
44 Player disks
18 Pit water tokens
1 Phase marker
1 Bag
1 Rulebook

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