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Federation and Empire: Minor Empires 2016

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Item Number: ADB 3214
Manufacturer Part No.: 678554032145
The Lyran Democratic Republic is more than just a renegade province of the Lyran Star Empire. It is a vital balance point between the Lyrans and Hydrans.

The LDR can share repair and conversion facilities with the Lyrans.
Ships of the LDR are more powerful than the Lyran ships due to their Gatling phasers.
Wall Cloud scenario: The LDR rejoins the Lyran Star Empire.
The Vudar Enclave was far different than the Klingons tricked the Federation into believing, but it was still a player in the final years of the General War, locking up key territory in a “neutral” enclave secretly much closer to the Klingon Empire than thought.

Ion Storm Generators and Ion Pulse Generators can disrupt enemy operations.
The secret Vudar base in “The Hole” contains a secret shipyard and a secret fleet.
Static Fog scenario: the Klingons decide to crush the Vudar Enclave.
Electric Strom scenario: The Vudar and the LDR carve new empires out of old ones.
The Seltorian Tribunal arrived late in the General War and asked the Klingons for a planet where they could set up a base to attack the Tholians. The Klingons were only too happy to have a new ally – until they discovered the Seltorian secret.

Seltorian Web Breakers can destroy Tholian webs – and Tholia itself
Seltorian Hive Ships act as a mobile shipyard – one that can build shipyards
Vortex of Vengeance scenario: The Seltorians declare war on the Tholians
Freak Storm scenario: Seltorians, Hydrans, LDF, and Vudar attack the Klingons.
All of the minor empires rely on auxiliary warships assembled into tactical groups.

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