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DrunkQuest Board Game Porcelain Gods Expansion

Designer: Athena Cagle, Jasn Painter
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 3 Players
Maximum Players: 6 Players
Ages: Adult
Mechanic: Card Drafting
Item Number: 841822101229
Manufacturer: Loot Corps
Manufacturer Part No.: NJD430103
DrunkQuest: Porcelain Gods is the second expansion to the best drinking game ever made. For years we've heard people tell us things like "I don't drink but my friends do, or, "I'm always the Designated Driver." If that sounds familiar this expansion was built specifically for you!

In Porcelain Gods, the DD takes up the role of a Deity in the world of DrunkQuest. Smiting players who refuse to bend to their will while blessing the players that do. All the while changing the atmosphere of the game and adding entertaining and challenging new rules. So lets see what these Deities are capable of!

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