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Dance of the Fireflies Board Game

Designer: Oliver Brooks
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 6 Players
Ages: 14+
Out of stock
Price (CAN): $26.95
Item Number: 5060314600063
Manufacturer: Ninja Division
Manufacturer Part No.: NJD410504
Dance of the Fireflies is a new 2-6 player card game by Oliver Brooks. Tomkins, his Lordship’s longest serving and most trusted horticulturalist is retiring and the prized position of Head Gardener is up for grabs. Join his team of green-fingered underlings as you compete to create the most beautiful flower beds in the garden. The more flowers you plan, the more Fireflies will visit your patch and that’s a sure way to please her Ladyship and see your career blossom.

In Dance of the Fireflies, each player is allocated a set of seven fireflies, one of them being a royal firefly, more powerful than the regular fireflies. In each round, the players bid on flowers in the flower clock using their fireflies. They can also plant a flower from their hand into one of their gardens, secretly bid a royal firefly, and also discard one of the cards in their hand to the compost heap so they can bid a second firefly on the flower clock. Each of the six types of beautifully colored flowers has a special ability which players can utilize to form combos and add benefits to their play. Additionally, orchid/weed cards can be bid on, and these allow players to add bonuses to their gardens or attack an opponent’s garden. R
Once all the flowers have been exhausted from the potting shed, the game ends and points are totaled for flower beds created to see who wins and becomes the next royal gardener.


1 Gardener’s Apprentice Card
1 Day/Night Sundial
6x Orchid/Weed Cards
84x Flower Cards
36x Firefly Wooden Counters
6x Royal Firefly Counters
1 Potting Shed Card
1 Compost Heap Mat
1 Rule Book (English)
1 Rule Book (German)
6x Player Guides (English)
6x Player Guides (German)

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