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Cobras Board Game (Coming Soon)

Out of stock
Price (CAN): $26.95
Item Number: 602573234143
Cobras are overrunning the village!

The authorities have put out a bounty to encourage people to get rid of the pests. And since you've never been one to miss an opportunity, you've come up with an idea: Breed more cobras! It's a great and profitable scheme, but be careful: The authorities will catch on eventually...

Cobras is a trick-taking card game for 1-5 players where knowing when to win a trick can mean the difference between getting rich and getting bit!


- 52 Cobra cards
- 5 King Cobra cards
- 5 Basket cards
- 5 Scoring cards
- 5 Scoring rings
- 57 Cobra tokens
- Solo token

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