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Atari Centipede Board Game

Designer: Anthony Amato, Jonathan Gilmour, Nicole Kline
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Ages: 12+
Mechanic: Dice Rolling
Cards included: 30
Item Number: 827714013092
Manufacturer: IDW Games
Manufacturer Part No.: IDW01309
Wandering into an enchanted forest, a very lonely garden Gnome finds itself surrounded by succulent mushrooms... the mushrooms are not alone though. Roaming this enchanted forest, the Gnome discovers the ruler of this magic land: the ravenous Centipede!

Armed only with its wits and trusty magic wand, the little Gnome must beat back the advancing Centipede and its army of beastly bugs!

In Atari's Centipede, 2 or 4 players venture into the world of the classic Atari game.

22 Centipede cards (2 decks of 11 cards)
7 Gnome control cards
1 Dice Pool card
1 Creature Speed card
12 Centipede segments (2 sets of 6)
2 Gnome tokens (2 colors)
30 Mushroom tokens
3 Flea tokens
3 Spider tokens
6 Gnome dice
1 Game board
1 Sticker sheet
1 Rulebook

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