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At-43 Miniatures Game Defender Snake Cobra M8

Out of stock
Price (CAN): $46.95
Item Number: 3661116097468
Manufacturer: Rackham Entertainment

The Defender Snake is an anti-tank strider designed to have great mobility and mind blowing range. It can strike enemy armored fighting vehicles while keeping out of range. The mobility of this assault strider make it the ideal AFV hunter, capable of making the best out of any shooting opportunity, launching awe inspiring salvos.

Defender Snake
1 Defender snake
1 container

• 2 cartes :
Defender snake
Defender snake Sgt.

Defender Snake Defender Snake Sgt.

The U.N. arsenal would not have been complete if it did not include combat striders capable of using long range weapons to strike armored fighting vehicles with accuracy. Combining speed, firepower and range, the “Defender Snake” MATCS (Medium Anti Tank Combat Strider) is without doubt one of the greatest industrial achievements of the U.N.A.: developed in record times, it quickly imposed itself as the future of medium combat striders. Defender Snake pilots are envied by all those who dream of laying their hand on this AFV hunter.

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