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Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix Born The Masters of Gravity Expansion Deck

Designer: Isaac Vega
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 4 Players
Time: 30 mins
Ages: 14+
Theme: Fantasy
Cards included: 39
Approximate suggested sleeves: 66mmX91mm
Item Number: 699788109816
Manufacturer Part No.: PH1207
"I can influence your every move. At my will, simply standing becomes a burden too great for you to bear. You walk an endless path, but it doesn't have to be this way. I can lift the weight of this long war from your shoulders." - Echo Greystorm

Included in this set...

-Echo Greystorm x 1

-Changing Winds x 3
-Law of Fear x 3
-Gravity Training x 3
-Chaos Gravity x 3
-Holy Relics x 3
-Enlightenment x 3
-Summon Mirror Spirit x 3
-Polarity Mage x 3
-Light Swordsman x 3
-Sonic Swordsman x 3

-Mirror Spirit x 3

Conjured Alterations
-Enhanced Strength x 3

Rules Card
-Parallel Cost x 1
-Face Down Cards x 1

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