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Amun-Re Board Game (2017 Reprint)

Item Number: 9781938146466
Manufacturer: TMG
Along the banks of the Nile, farmers reap the benefits as it regularly overflows its banks and fertilizes the land. From this, civilization thrives - and every civilization has leaders!

You are egyptian royalty, and in Amun-Re, you will make your bid for sections of land along the Nile. Each section provides many benefits - farms, temples, caravans, income, and advancements in knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, the land itself provides space to build pyramids as testament to your greatness. As the world moves on into the next era, that land becomes available for new leaders, and only pyramids remain to increase the grandeur of the landscape.

At the end of the game, the player with the most prosperous civilization across both eras will be declared the winner - just remember that Pharoahs fade, but their monuments last forever.

1 Game Board
Money, Power and Province Cards
Miniature stones and pyramids Egyptian meeples to mark bids and show ownership
And tons of fun!

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