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A Fistful of Penguins Dice Game

Designer: Jonathan Franklin
Year: 2011
Minimum Players: 1 Player
Maximum Players: 6 Players
Ages: 8+
Item Number: 9780979248368
Manufacturer: MISC GAMES
Here come the animals! Add lions, camels, and kangaroos to your zoo in this simple dice game the whole family can enjoy. Lions are a big draw, but they scare the camels. Those pesky squirrels will pilfer your peanuts, but a moose won't go anywhere without a squirrel. And the more kangaroos the better. Use your penguins wisely, and you can have the best zoo in the country!

How to Play
Roll the special animal dice to see which animals are available for your zoo. Some animals score more in big groups, some score better together, and some won't score with other animals present. Spend penguin tokens to buy more dice or to reroll the dice you have. If you roll a penguin, you get another penguin to spend. Make the most money you can in three rounds to win the game.

9 Dice
36 Penguins
90 Chips
1 Sheet of Stickers
3 Reference Cards
4 Rule Sheets

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