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10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower Board Game

Designer: Nick Sibicky
Year: 2017
Minimum Players: 2 Players
Maximum Players: 5 Players
Ages: 14+
Cards included: 57
Approximate suggested sleeves: 69mmX69mm
Item Number: 602573043622
Manufacturer: Daily Magic Games
Manufacturer Part No.: DMG-10MH001
Move through the Wizard's Tower and take items before your fellow thieves do! Balance the curses you receive and the value of items.

A Great Filler

10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower is easy to learn yet layered with depth. Each player is a thief taking valuable treasures from the Wizard while he's out doing his wizardry things. The thieves must take as many items as possible before he returns.

Game Play Overview

The rules are simple:

Take a treasure from the floor your thief pawn is on OR
Go down as many levels in the tower as you want and take a treasure.
But be careful, once you go down a floor, you can never go back up.
The true beauty of this short filler comes in the tense decisions you have to make with each card. Do you allow your opponent to take a treasure they need? Do you jump forward, leaving valuable treasures behind, to get the treasure that will get you closer to victory? Do you take on some of the Wizard's curses in order to get an edge?

There are many ways to earn victory points, but everything comes down to majorities in suits or values - who has the most value of each suit, or who has the most cards of a given value. There are also negative points for the player with the most curses. So, you may want to balance between capturing powerful cards with powers and playing a slow and steady collect-a-thon.


17 Light Cards
32 Dark Cards
11 Scoring Tiles
5 Thief Standees
1 Balcony (Start) Tile
1 Bridge (End) Tile
1 Rulebook
1 Beautifully Illustrated Box

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